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River Severn Floods



For the latest news about flooding on the Severn

From experience, the best and most reliable information is obtained from the lock-keepers.

They keep records of the river levels as they rise and fall.

Gloucester Lock:  01452 310832

Upper Lode Lock:  01684 293138

Diglis Lock:  01905 354280

Bevere Lock:  01905 640275

Holt Lock:  1905 620218

Lincomb Lock:  01299 822887

Conditions on the River Severn can change very quickly. A rule of thumb applies, a quick rise in levels usually means the level will return to normal just as quick. Whereas a slow rise in levels can have the opposite effect, that is, the river may be at flood level for a numerous number of weeks. This only applies to the river above Gloucester, for below the weirs the Severn is tidal and this in itself produces a different set of problems.

     The river will still flood for several miles below Gloucester, but conditions will change during the fortnightly tide cycle. The high tides will hold back the freshwater coming downstream, thus pushing it higher over the banks.

     Notoriously the Severn is a very shallow river, so during long periods without rain levels can become extremely low. This is not helped above Gloucester where the spring tides rise over the weirs each fortnight depositing vast amounts of silt onto the river bed.

The Environment Agency website shows levels for the River Severn for many locations along the course of the river.


The Environment Agency issue flood warning codes

Click on the image to see live pictures of the River Severn at Bridgnorth

FLOOD WATCH:                     Flooding possible - be aware, be prepared.

FLOOD WARNING:                Flooding expected - act now.

SEVERE FLOOD WARNING:  Severe flooding expected - act now.

ALL CLEAR                             No flood warnings in place.

The Environment Agency


0845 988 1188


Plus Flood Warnings &

Current Flood Conditions

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