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The Severn bore is the most exciting thing to see on the River Severn. A bore wave rushes up the River Severn crashing through the trees and making a tremendous noise. A truly magnificent Severn bore is amazing. Watch the Severn bore to see the River Severn alive. A good Severn bore is well worth the wait.

Before the bore arrives the air becomes still, then leaves rustle on the trees. A noise like steam escaping from an engine becomes louder and all of a sudden it has arrived.

A wave anything up to 3 metres in height quickly rushes by, followed by one or two smaller waves.

An hour later the banks of the River Severn fill up with water, the current flowing towards Gloucester at about 12 mph.


Chris Witts interviewed by Tessa Chapman for Sky News at Minsterworth

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Severn Bore

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Dave Lawson surfing the bore sabrina