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The Severn bore is the most exciting thing to see on the River Severn. A bore wave rushes up the River Severn crashing through the trees and making a tremendous noise.

A truly magnificent Severn bore is amazing. Watch the Severn bore to see the River Severn alive. A good Severn bore is well worth the wait.

Riding the Bore

Nothing new in this, except the type of craft and person who now partake in this sport. Many years ago before the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal was built Severnside men in their barges would ride the bore and let the flood stream carry them to Gloucester. Today it is the surfer and canoeist who ride the bore. Each out for that thrill and possible endurance record. Good advice is don't try it unless an expert. It has been known for TV cameras to be lost in the river as film crews ride the bore, following the surfers on their exciting journey upstream.

Dave Lawson is joined by a Frenchman

Surfing the Severn Bore

Severn Bore

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