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Severn Bridges   Demolished



Built: 1864

Dismantled: 1965

Dowles Bridges was built for the Tenbury & Bewdley line and the service finished on the Tenbury branch in 1964. The line was removed and the bridge dismantled, although part of it remains in the river today.

   At this point the railway line was at a level of 85’ with the bridge built of three lattice girder deck spans of 70’ on stone abutments and piers.

   The first train passed over the bridge on 5th August 1864 as a pleasure trip for directors and friends. A public service began on 13th August 1864.



Built: 1909

Dismantled: 1993

Built by local subcriptions to avoid tolls on the Iron Bridge and Coalport Bridge. It was designed by L G Mouchel as an open spandel reinforced concrete arch. The main contarctor was Liverpool Hennebique Company.

   The bridge was also known as Haynes Memorial Bridge. The bridge became unsafe and was dismantled to make way for the new Jackfield Bridge. (No 66)

Dowles Bridge as it appeared in 1864


Upton upon Severn

Built: circa 1860

Dismantled: circa 1960s

Former bridge of the Tewkesbury and Malvern Railway which was part of the Midland Railway. The currently closed line ran from Great Malvern to Tewkesbury.

   A branch line from Ashchurch to connect with the Hereford & Worcester Railway at Malvern. It was never a great success.

The Upton upon Severn Railway Bridge in the 1900s




Dismantled: 1970

The bridge was 1,387 yards long and a masterpiece of civil engineering. The decking was 70’ above water and was supported on 21 spans on cylindrical columns.

   On the evening of 25th October 1960 in thick fog two fully laden tanker barges missed the entrance to Sharpness Docks and drifted into the bridge. Two spans dropped onto the barges resulting in an explosion whereby 5 crewmen were killed. Only 3 men were saved.

The bridge was finally dismantled in 1970 but not without its problems.

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