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New Walt Disney epic filmed

In Gloucester Docks 2014

Photomarine . Sharpness Shipping . Links . Gloucester Shipyard

The Kathleen & May Visits Gloucester

Sky News film on the Severn Bore

Ben Varrey

Russian Sisters Visit Sharpness

Russian Fertilizer into Sharpness

Sormovsky 3057

Tall Ships Festival at Gloucester 2013

Coals to Sharpness on the DOUWENT

Down the Severn

Moving Earth on the G&S Canal

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

Out of the Gloom

On the G&S Canal at Saul Junction

Kaskelot Leaving Gloucester

Passing the Point

End of the Grain Barges at Tewkesbury

Hollywood Comes to Gloucester

More Cement to Sharpness

Dredging Sand with the Sand Sapphire

Sormovskiy 3067

Monika Mueller under the Bridge

Blue Tune

Swan Lake

Turkish Delight

Pontcysllte Experience

Under the Bridge

Filmed by Chris Witts during 2014