Air pressure is the weight of the air on the land and is measured in millibars using an instrument called a barometer.

Isobaric maps are used for accurate weather forecasting.

By visiting the “weather chart via this link you will see the isobars for the UK showing the current weather fronts.


Visit “Thunder & Lightning” to see the latest storm. Cloud to cloud lightning is the most common form of lightning. Most often it occurs within a cloud and involves electricity passing between the negatively charged base of the cloud and its positively charged upper levels. Thunder is usually audible for up to around 20 miles from the lightning strike that caused it.


For the Gloucester region visit “Shipping Forecast” at this link and access the shipping forecast for Lundy.


Code       Speed mph       Description

  0             below 1            calm

  1              2-3                  light air

  2              4-7                  light breeze

  3              8-12                gentle breeze

  4              13-18              moderate breeze

  5              19-24              fresh breeze

  6              25-31              strong breeze

  7              32-38              near gale

  8              39-46              gale

  9              47-54              strong gale

  10            55-63              whole gale

  11            64-74              storm

  12            above 74          hurricane

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