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The Dredger

Dredger skipper, the late

Mark Tanner

Continuous chain of buckets

Mud filled buckets


Built 1981

by Fleming & Ferguson Ltd

Paisley, Scotland.

Powered by a Kelvin 8cyl 225bhp engine.

24 buckets are filled each minute,

each carrying half a tonne of mud.

The dredger filling a motor hopper

Mud and water fill the hopper

Powerful winches control the dredger


The dredger is not self propelled and has to be moved any great distance by a tug.

However, her powerful main engine controls deck winches which in turn manoeuvre the dredger with strong hawsers.

There is one head wire and four breast wires to move the dredger across the dock as her buckets dig into the mud.


Gloucester Docks

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