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Sir John Fowler   Born 1817  Died 1898

Sir John Fowler

Thomas Telford

Thomas Telford   Born 1757  Died 1834

John Gwynn  Born 1713  Died 1786

Today the bridge designer and builder are part of large consortiums, with finance for construction coming from all sources around the world. The Second Severn Crossing was a good example of this.

     This was a joint venture between the UK and France, Laing and GTM, with some finance from Japan. As was during the 18th century, the cost of building is recuperated from tolls levied on vehicles crossing the bridge.

Thomas Penson   Born 1790  Died 1859

Thomas Telford   Thomas Penson   Sir John Fowler   John Gwynn

John Gwynn

Severn Bridges

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