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Severn Bore Predictions for 2018 will appear here Autumn 2017

Severn Bore

Times shown are real times, allowing for BST when in force

Today’s Date Is: Tide times for Sharpness

Remember the golden rule when viewing the bore, be there early!

Times above are only approximate, be there 20 minutes before the bore is due.

The Best Viewing Areas:

Minsterworth: 4 miles from Gloucester along the A48

Stonebench: 3 miles from Gloucester. Along the B4008, turn right into Elmore

Lane, cross the ship canal and the River Severn is ahead of you. Be warned,

this area can get very congested and after the bore has passed the river level

rises rapidly and can pour over onto the road, endangering you and your car.

Over Bridge: 1 mile out of Gloucester along the A40.

Several factors determine how good the bore will be.

Amongst them are the right weather conditions.

A good bore requires a low barometer and a strong SW wind.

To see the current weather at Gloucester click on:

The latest weather readings for Gloucester

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