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River Severn Trading Vessels

Ferry, Tug and Barge

The RIVER KING was built in 1932 for work as a barge on the River Ouse in Yorkshire. Later she came around the coast to Chepstow where she was put to use carrying stone.

In the 1960's the RIVER KING was converted to carry passengers at the yard of Bob Davies at Saul Junction. She is still in use today, working on the Severn at Stourport for her owner Stephen May and his Severn Steamboat Company.

A tug in use at Gloucester towing barges from Avonmouth to Worcester.

Now in use as a private vessel.



This is the ROSEDALE H, an empty tanker barge, ploughing

her way down to Swansea in a south westerly gale. A tiny vessel in a big sea, tossed around and pounded by the large seas.

But later she becomes a giant on the river. She will look huge as she slowly makes her way up the tortuous Severn to Worcester.

This typical John Harker “Dale” barge would have carried a crew of four, skipper, mate, engineer and lad.


The WINSDALE H on which Chris Witts worked as a deckhand

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