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Photo by Chris Witts

It’s hard to imagine that until the early 15th century the ‘West Channel’ of The Parting at Gloucester did not exist! We are stood on Alney Island, the longest river island in the UK. Three miles up-river the two legs of the Severn split, with the ‘West Channel’, (to the right of this picture), running down past Over and the other leg, the ‘East Channel’ running close to the city and along the Quay, joining again below Gloucester.

In 1483 the Severn suffered from one of the worst floods in its history. At Gloucester the water was high up Westgate Street and remained so for some considerable time. After the flood people were shocked to see a new leg of the Severn, the ‘West Channel’. Even wider than the original ‘East Channel’.

Over the past few years there have been suggestions to block off the ‘East Channel’ and  make the river flow in more of a straight line. One day perhaps.

The Parting, Gloucester

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