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The largest cargo for Sharpness arrived today

13th April 2009

The ship BALTICDIEP with a record shipment of cement for Sharpness made slow progress through the Severn bridges. Thick fog had hung over the Severn Estuary as the ship made her way through the difficult channels of the two Severn bridges and it was decided to ease down on engine speed off the army barracks at Beachley.

The BALTICDIEP is carrying a record cargo of 5,180 tons of cement from Seville. Although cement is one of the main imports to Sharpness from Spain, this amount has never been brought in before. Although the building trade is suffering because of the world recession, it has not stopped the regular import of cement into the port.

The BALTICDIEP approaches Sharpness ready to swing and stem the tide.

Photo by Chris Witts

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