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Saturday 20th August 2005

Drilling for Gas

A Jack up Rig which has been laid up near Newnham on Severn for the past 18 months has suddenly awoken the local Council. With legs down on the river bed at Collow Pill, about 1 mile downriver from Newnham, a local Councillor is claiming it is an eyesore.

Local shipowner, Fred Larcombe, who owns this small shipyard, is treating this with the contempt it deserves. "I intend to drill for gas at Newnham", he says, "there certainly seems to be a lot of it here at the moment!".

He is mooring the rig here for the owner until work is found for it anywhere in the world.

Do you think it is an eyesore? For a start you will have difficulty seeing it from Newnham on Severn! To get a clear view of it you will have to make the long journey by road to the opposite side of the River at Arlingham Passage. This is where the photo shown here was taken.
Jack up Rig at Newnham on Severn
Jack up Rig at Newnham on Severn

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