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For centuries grain has been carried in vessels on the River Severn, from small craft pulled by man and beast, to the modern motor barges of today

During the summer of 1993 the trade was revived by Allied Mills Ltd, carrying grain from Sharpness to their flour mill at Tewkesbury, a distance of 30 miles.

Sadly this all finished during 1998 and the two grain barges lay forlorn at their berth at Tewkesbury for the next nine years.

Chris Witts, who had been skipper of the barges during the latter years of working, was asked in March 2007 to take both barges to Sharpness to be surveyed in the dry dock at the shipyard. (The mill had been closed for good the previous year)

A rare photograph of the two grain barges together at Monk Meadow, Gloucester.

     The CHACELEY and TIRLEY are owned by Allied Mills Ltd and are normally only seen together at Tewkesbury.


Last photographs of the grain barge TIRLEY leaving the mill at Tewkesbury.

A film of the 2 grain barges leaving Tewkesbury for the last time in 2007. They were taken to Sharpness.

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