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Books from River Severn Publications SBD book TRS book SEVERN BRIDGE DISASTER  by  Chris Witts Written for the 50th anniversary of 25th October 1960. TALES OF THE RIVER SEVERN  by  Chris Witts Many interesting facts about the longest river in Britain. Other books written by Chris Witts are listed here COB book A CENTURY OF BRIDGES  by  Chris Witts A book with drawings of every bridge over the River Severn in 1998. Payment by cheque is accepted. Please make cheque payable to CHRIS WITTS Price: £4.95 + £1.50 p&p Price: £1.50 + £1.50 p&p Price: £3.50 + £1.50 p&p SH Book 6 SH Book 6 Two books “Sold as New”  Only £2.50 each + £2.80 p&p
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